Letterheads printing Cape Town

There’s no substitute for the personal attention achieved through a hard copy business letter. Company letterheads are the perfect way to promote your company. Add professionalism to your correspondence and communicate with your clients.

MIB Printing South Africa provides affordable letterhead printing for small to medium and large enterprises. Any effective letterhead should prominently display the company’s logo or catchphrase for branding purposes. It should also contain the physical address of the company, its postal address and all relevant telephone contact details.

Letterheads from the experts in letterhead printing- M.I.B. Cape Town

Great looking letterheads can be used for anything from cover letters to corporate sales letters. In addition to our letterheads, why not market your brand with our business cards or presentation folders?

Tips on Printing Letterheads

  • Choose the best paper possible for creating a rich impression
  • Verify that all the information contained on the letterhead template is correct prior to printing
  • Make sure that the inks and colours decided on will work well with the paper you choose

Examples of Letterheads

  • Corporate letterheads
  • Supermarket letterheads
  • Petrol garage letterheads
  • Doctor and hospital letterheads

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