Black and White Bulk Letter printing and Mailing

Black and White Bulk Letter printing and Mailing

Black and white photocopies may not seem like something that you need to outsource, but there are huge benefits to handing this job over to printing professionals. Not only will you be able to ensure that each document looks exactly like the original copy, but you will also save time and money by outsourcing the job instead of using your in-house printing equipment.

MIB is a leading Cape Town printing company servicing the western Cape and entire South Africa. We handle everything from full-colour, large format printing to black and white copies of brochures, flyers or any other document that you need printed.

What to consider with black and white photocopies

  • Will things like photos be clear enough in black and white?
  • Will you be printing on both sides? This could save costs.
  • What size will they be? A5 saves on number of pages but takes time as they need to be cut.
  • How many black and white copies do you need?

Examples of uses for black and white copies

The list of possibilities is endless. Black and white photocopying is a necessity in any type of business – here are some of the things you can copy in black and white:

  • Flyers for advertising your business, service or event.
  • Worksheets for schools, universities or colleges.
  • Simple posters for spreading awareness of a lost pet.
  • Office documents including forms, resumes, briefs, training material and more.
  • One page (single or double-sided) programs.
  • Sketches, plans and drafts.
  • Forms for Human Resources departments such as leave applications.
  • Customer feedback forms for hotels or conference venues.
  • Notes

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